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A Ghost Dec. 6th, 2011 @ 07:05 pm
LJ friends: I miss you guys! Anybody on Facebook?
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Food For Thought Jan. 13th, 2008 @ 03:44 pm
I've just a brief entry to offer at this moment. If you're bored, have about 2 hours or more to pass, and like myself, are open to new theories on unexposed truths, check this out. Personally, I can't say that I buy everything in it - I've never been one to blindly buy into what I was sold - but it is definitely something to think about.

The Zeitgeist Movie

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The Abandoned Homestead May. 25th, 2007 @ 09:27 pm
For those that still remember: I am, in fact, still alive.

Noah is 16 months old now, and is growing like a clump of weeds. Bryce is almost 4 1/2 years, and is growing more along the lines of a bean pole. An analogy that works for the both of them might be the evening tide - as they grow, our sanity wanes; when the moon comes out, we feel it return. (So sue me if I've got pent-up poetic energies.)

Eventually, maybe, I'll post pictures. Maybe. Until then (and as a contingency plan), the socially resourceful among you may know my wife, Chasa. She has some on her myspace account, and you might be able to see them.

We moved from the house we were renting in Charles Town in late February. We're now renting a 3-story townhouse in Martinsburg, in a golfing community. Ironically enough, it was the best trade-off of being affordable and not living in the ghetto. I'm sure I neglected to mention that at the other house, the police were at the house across the street constantly - several times because of their involvement in incidents with shots fired, and when their cars had their windows smashed... and then there was a drug bust maybe 4 houses away, around the corner. At the time we had moved in, it was a nice place to live, but within 2 years, the white, yuppie versions of the 'boyz n da hood' across the street just had to bring the ghetto home with them. Thanks for that. The landlord was a sleezy asshat, anyway.

 We are expecting child #3, Abigail Lane, around the end of August or beginning of September. I believe it was unintentional, but it comes off as a play on The Beetles' Abbey Road. After the struggle we went through to finally compromise on Noah's name, I think we both were a little more reserved this time.

Either way, I have sleepless nights ahead. Would-be boyfriends, beware: I've been to prison before, and I don't mind going back. Okay, not really, but they won't know this. Note to self: Work on your grip, and your intimidating, crazy bug-eyed stare.

I finally hung it up at Safeway and started a new job in early January, working for SimplexGrinnell, a subsidiary of Tyco International. (Tyco has a slew of subsidiaries. Look them up - you've heard of at least one of them.) The benefits are great, I got copious amounts of vacation time from the very beginning, and the job is a lot less stressful. The pay isn't quite at the scale it needs to be at quite yet - I actually took quite a pay cut to switch fields - but it's getting there. I'll be getting more very soon, as I'm getting ready to start night shifts (15% pay differential) working on Fairfax County schools, and my new partner gets overtime like Keith Richards gets ugly.

On another note, they just announced Starcraft 2. I've seen game play demos on Youtube, and I hope they polish it up a bit better for the release. It looks awesome, but the original holds a bit of sentimentality for me, and some of the new effects just seem cheesy to me.

Just to cover my bases in case I don't get back any time soon: Have a great Memorial Day, Happy Father's Day, entertaining 4th of July, Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and whatever else I may have missed in the case of your suitable gender, religion, upbringing or particular Secret Squirrel decoder ring size.

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Noah Lee Cochran, Born January 24th, 2006 @ 10:30 am EST. (6 lbs., 10.5 oz., 18.5") Jan. 25th, 2006 @ 02:42 am
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My Child Jun. 17th, 2005 @ 07:22 pm
7 Weeks Along Today (6 Weeks, 5 Days In Sonogram)

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Other entries
» Homecoming
Well, I'm moved in... mostly. I may have a few things I left at my home in DE, but my poor Babydoll is already just about going crazy with all the clutter from the boxes. I need to finish sorting through my things and decide what goes, what stays, and what stays packed for the time being, until we find our way into an actual [larger] home, and not just a rental house. With a baby on the way, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom isn't going to be enough to go around anymore.

Speaking of Baby, Chasa had the baby's first sonogram yesterday, and I got the first ever picture of my child when I got home - framed. An early Father's Day present. Chasa brought the image to work, and apparently, all of the girls that she works with swear that she's pregnant with a duck. (I'm going to try to see about posting a scan of the sonogram image as soon as I can.) She had also found out that she was 6 weeks and 5 days along. Make that 6 weeks and 6 days along, today.

I actually moved in to stay this past Wednesday night, with my parents arriving with the moving truck early Thursday afternoon. I haven't posted before now because I wanted to wait until my computer was up and running on the internet, and the wireless networking equipment that I ordered just arrived today.

It took me less than an hour to set it up, once I got home from work, to switch Chasa's cable modem over to feeding the router, then switching her computer's network connection over to a wired uplink on the router, reset her cable modem, install the wireless network card and its drivers on Alpha (my main machine), configure it to use the new network and share my printer (HP PSC 2210v, All In One), and then add my printer as a network printer on Chasa's machine. Get all that?

Oh, and since I mentioned work, I might as well give you all an update on that, too. Good news and bad news, there. The bad news: It takes longer to get there than I thought it would. I was expecting it to be maybe a 25 or 30-minute drive, since it's physically not that far away. It's at least a 40 minute drive, though, and possibly more due to traffic, depending on which route I take to get there. The good news: I got a $2.60/hour pay hike, so I'm up to $13.70/hour. It's less stressful than the same position at Glasgow was, because business is a little slower here, so it's not paced as quickly. At Glasgow, some things you'd have to stock several times during the day - at Leesburg, just enough product comes in to fill the display, it gets filled once, and usually that's it. Sale items might need to be filled once or twice during the day, but that's it. Everybody seems really nice here - a testament to southern hospitality. I only just finished my 3rd day there, so I'm sure it won't stay this way, but I haven't even experienced any sour customers yet, either. If it weren't for the drive to get there and the scaled-back selection for what to have for lunch, there, I wouldn't have a single complaint. I meant it when I said everybody is nice.

So far, so good - nothing else to report.

Have a great day, everybody.

» DVDs Are Here...
Just to let everyone know, that lot of DVDs has arrived, and anyone who wants to close the deal can now come 'n' get 'em. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check a couple of posts back.

» More News...
This month has already been a whirlwind, it seems, but yesterday I got about all the good news I could handle. I'd've posted about it yesterday, except I was in a hurry to get on the road to go see my Babydoll after work, and her internet was acting strangely.

For one, I finally learned more about my transfer... almost everything I needed to know. For one, I learned that because the store I'm transferring to is in a different district, and thus in a different union contract, the pay scale is different. Now, I was expecting to be taking a pay cut because the cost of living in that area is less expensive, but no. Not only am I not taking a pay cut, I'm actually getting a pay hike - an additional $2.60/hour, which is very good news. I was told to talk to George, the store manager, about a release date for the transfer, and lo and behold, he actually gave me one. June 4th is my last day at my current store. I'm going to talk to the managers to see if I can't get a 2-week vacation between my last day there and my first day at the new store, to have time to move stuff between addresses, and tie up some loose ends.

Of course, all of that good news is only the icing on the cake. The best news came first, yesterday. I had to go into work at 5:30 in the morning to throw the load, so I was in the cooler (a big metal box, which means I get zero reception on my cell phone) for a few hours. As soon as I got out of it, I went to look at the time on my phone, and noticed that I had 21 missed calls, and 4 voice messages. They were all from Chasa. I listened to the first voice message, and she told me she had something to tell me and that I needed to call her back ASAP. So without listening to any of the other messages, I did so.

She asked me if I was sitting down, which I promptly did, and then she laid the news on me: She's pregnant. She had taken 2 pregnancy tests that morning, and they both gave positive results. To some people, this would be bad news, but not to me. We've actually been trying, and now the "work," so to speak ( ;) ), has paid off. It's really kind of funny, actually. I always imagined myself being a father by the time I was 26. It seems an arbitrary number, but I had sat down and did the math once, a few years ago, and I just figured it to be the best age for me. I'm 25, now, and will be 26 in February. With it being May, if I'm not 26 by the time the baby is born, I'll be awfully close.

We have no idea how far along she is, but reason that she can't be any more than 2 months, and maybe less than 1, even. I'm hoping for a little girl, though I think she wants a little boy. Either way, we'll both be happy.

I'm gonna be a Daddy! :)

Have a great night, everyone!

» To The Victor Go The Spoils...
I just won a lot auction on eBay for 40 DVDs, listed below. Some I want, some I already have, and some I've never heard of, or just otherwise don't want. I just won the auction last night so I don't have them yet, but they're described as being in excellent condition, some bought new, some used. The previous owner seems to have a taste for anime, sci-fi, horror (B-film, vintage and mainstream), and martial arts movies. Or he did, and changed his mind, and that's why he sold 'em. ;)

So the question is, of the DVDs not crossed out, would anybody be interested in taking some of them off my hands? I'd be happy if I get $5 out of them. I'll be updating the list as I find homes for them, and some of the ones that I've crossed out might be cleared later if I decide I don't want them.

Alien (Special Edition)
Aliens (Special Edition)
The Animatrix
Vampire Hunter D (Special Edition)
The Crow (Collector’s Series
Resident Evil
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Jurassic Park (Collector’s Edition)
Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World (Collector’s Edition)
Jurassic Park III
The Order
The Exorcist III
The Exorcist (Special Edition)
AVP – Alien vs Predator
House On Haunted Hill (1999)
House On Haunted Hill (Vincent Price)
House Of The Dead
Donnie Darko
Dungeons & Dragons
The Phantom Of The Opera (Lon Chaney)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Night Of The Living Dead
The Ape Man
The Last Man On Earth
The Wasp Woman
Lady Frankenstein
Blood Tide
The Terror
The Ape
Horror Express
The Lady Vanishes
Deadly Shaolin Longfist
Duel Of The Iron Fist

Any takers?
» Gaming Console Overkill
I was looking around at stuff, and just happened to notice that Microsoft had presented the stats for their new XBox 360 console, which apparently they're planning on shipping in time for this Christmas. (It's Microsoft - with their track record and the stuff they've got under the hood, I'll believe it when I see it. You'll notice a nice little disclaimer at the bottom of spec sheet below.) Has anybody else seen this thing? It's sick - it's got more processing power than 10 third-world nations combined. I can only imagine how ungodly expensive it's going to be.

Check it out here.

It's sick. The thing effectively has 3 separate 3.2 GHz processors. Does anybody else remember that rumor that was going around, when the PS2 was first released, about how terrorists were buying them in mass quantities and using them to power their activities? Yeah... I'd say that rumor may be just a tad more warranted in this case. It sure wouldn't surprise me.

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